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Characteristics Of Carbon Free Carbon Paper
Time:2021-10-22   View:139

There is no need to pad "carbon paper" when copying. Direct writing is convenient and time-saving. The number of carbon copies is 2-6 pages and electric printing is 2-10 pages, which can greatly improve the work efficiency and meet the needs of modernization.

The handwriting of the copy is clear, bright and fadeless, which can prevent alteration and imitation.

Do not pollute fingers, clothes and other stationery paper, and keep it clean.

It has various colors and is easy to identify and process.

The paper is excellent, the surface is smooth and smooth, stronger than 28g color printing paper, not easy to damage, and the printing color is gorgeous.

It is safe and reliable without harmful raw materials and peculiar smell. The pictures and texts can be stored for more than 15 years after color development.

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