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Announcement On Environmental Assessment Of Heating And Power Generation Project Of Wuzhi Sanfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd
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The current environmental impact assessment of the heating and power generation project of Wuzhi Sanfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. has been started. Now, the public participation activities of the project are carried out with reference to the Interim Measures for public participation in environmental impact assessment and yhw [2014] No. 79 document.

1、 Main matters for soliciting public opinions

1. Nature and construction site: the project is an existing project, and the construction site is located in xishuafeng village, Xitao Town, Wuzhi county.

2. Construction content and scale: three 35t / h and one 75t / h boilers are mainly built, with an annual power generation of 49 million kWh and an annual steam supply of 520000 tons.

3. Production process: the coal is crushed and sent to the boiler for combustion, and the water is heated into high temperature and high pressure steam; Steam is sent into the steam turbine to drive the generator to generate electricity; After passing through the steam turbine, the steam enters the heating system for heating.

4. Construction of pollution control facilities: in terms of waste gas, the waste gas of the project is mainly coal crushing dust, boiler flue gas and calcium carbonate silo dust. The coal crushing dust is restrained by sealing the incoming and outgoing conveyor belt. The 35t / h boiler flue gas is discharged from the 50m chimney after being treated by "calcium injection desulfurization in the furnace + SNCR / SCR combined denitration + electrostatic precipitator", and the 75t / h boiler flue gas is discharged by the 50m chimney "Calcium injection desulfurization in furnace + SNCR / SCR combined denitration + bag filter" After treatment, it will be discharged from the 100m chimney, and the dust in the calcium carbonate silo will be discharged after being treated by the dust collector on the top of the silo. In terms of wastewater, the project wastewater mainly includes saline wastewater, acid-base wastewater, boiler drainage, ammonia tank spraying wastewater and domestic sewage. Among them, saline wastewater, acid-base wastewater and boiler drainage will be handed over to nearby enterprises for secondary utilization, and the domestic sewage will be transported to the sewage treatment station of Sanfeng paper industry in the East The spray water from the ammonia tank is collected and used for watering in the plant. In terms of solid waste, it can be comprehensively utilized after being temporarily stored in the waste warehouse. The noise of the project can be effectively controlled after indoor layout, vibration reduction and noise elimination measures are taken.

According to the monitoring results, the waste gas and noise of the project can meet the emission requirements.

5. Form: the public can submit their opinions to the construction unit or evaluation unit in written form such as fax, letter or e-mail.

6. Scope: main residential houses, villages and units around the project site.

7. Time: within 10 days from the date of this announcement.

2、 Name and contact information of the employer

Employer: Wuzhi Sanfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd

Address: Xihuafeng village, Xitao Town, Wuzhi County

Contact: Manager Wang Tel.: 13503911088

3. Name and contact information of the organization undertaking the current environmental assessment of the project

Evaluated by: Henan building materials research and Design Institute Co., Ltd

Contact: Zhang Gong Tel.: 0391-3601997

Fax: 0391-3917046 email:

October 21, 2016

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